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Anti-Virus Free Edition

AVG Free Edition has spearheaded the company's growth. According to Grisoft, over 40 million users have AVG Anti-Virus protection, including users of the Free Edition.

The AVG Free Edition is similar to the Anti-Virus Professional product, but does not have all the features. It lacks the fine-grained control over how scans are conducted, and it receives lower priority (than the paid-for products) when downloading updates from Grisoft's servers. The language interface cannot be customised, and English is the only available language.

Technical Support is not available for the Free Edition, whereas support is available to users of the Professional, paid for products.

Grisoft announced that AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition version 7.1 ended in February18, 2007. Users were required to upgrade to AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition version 7.5. Users are being encouraged to move to the commercial version of AVG, particularly the AVG Anti-Malware and AVG Internet Security products as they protect against spyware as well as viruses. In the last two years the increase in infections has been spyware rather than viruses. AVG Anti-Virus Free
(including the 7.5 edition) does not include a firewall, anti-spam nor detect spyware.

However, Grisoft does provide a free version of AVG Anti-Spyware - based upon the former Ewido engine.

Version of AVG Antivirus:

Grisoft provides a number of products from the AVG range, suitable for Windows 98 onwards. In addition to this, Grisoft also provides a Linux version of the software.

All commercial versions of AVG are compatible with the 64-bit edition of Windows. AVG Free is not compatible with Windows 64 bit. AVG Anti-Virus Professional and Anti-Malware editions also run on Windows Vista. At time of writing the Firewall component and standalone Anti-Spyware are not Vista compatible. This is expected to be fixed soon.

All standard versions of the AVG software are available on a trial basis. Each trial allows all users (including businesses and institutions) a 30 day trial period. After this time a fee is required, which yields a key that unlocks the program for continued use.

  • AVG Free Edition: a freeware program which allows home users unlimited use and unlimited updates. It is not legal to use these commercially - they are for personal, home use only.

  • AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition: this is the standalone Anti-Virus product designed primarily for home desktops or for small organizations using peer-to-peer networks. With Version 7.5 the SoHo edition has been discontinued per se, but has been replaced with the option of multiple licences for the Professional Edition. Available are 2, 3, and 5 licences.
  • AVG Plus Firewall Edition: adds a firewall to the Professional version. Is available in 1, 2, 3 and 5 licences.
  • AVG Anti-Spyware Edition: protects against spyware. Based upon the Ewido engine.
  • AVG Anti-Malware Edition: has both anti-virus and anti-spyware facilities
  • AVG Internet Security Edition: contains anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware and anti-spam facilities.
  • AVG Network Editions : With the release of AVG 7.5, there are now several Network Editions of AVG.
  • AVG Rescue CD : a bootable variant of AVG Anti-Malware that can be run in Windows PE. This allows you to scan and remove viruses and spyware that may be stopping a PC from booting. Other tools include a registry editor, network mapping, ping testing and IP configurator.
  • AVG Anti-Rootkit (Free) : a specific tool allowing you to scan and remove rootkits, but does not include realtime protection.
  • Grisoft have now released an update for the AVG Internet Security Edition
    making it compatible with Windows Vista.


AVG features most of the common functions available in modern antivirus programs, including periodic scans, scans of sent and received emails (including adding footers to the emails indicating this), the ability to "heal" some virus-infected files, and a "virus vault" in which infected files are held.

Developer: Grisoft, s.r.o.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Linux

Use: Antivirus

License: Free and Commercial

Website: AVG Global Website

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Ease of Use:

The AVG Control Center (AVGCC) is the main control component of the AVG system. AVGCC runs each time a user logs in and through it you can edit various settings of the AVG system and monitor the status of individual components. The AVGCC system tray icon is multi-colored when all components are working correctly, and turns gray if there is a problem. By clicking the icon, you can open the main the windows of AVGCC.

AVG Anti-Virus also has an Advanced Interface that gives you a nice view of the tests you can run, scheduled tasks, test results and more. This interface is more for advanced users. It takes a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it logical and easy to maneuver.


The software received a VB100% and the ICSA 2005. AVG Anti-Virus also passed on demand and on access scanning level 1 meaning it detected all wild virus. However, it did not pass the Level 2 by West Coast Labs, which requires the product disinfect all viruses in the wild that can be disinfected.


Akamai servers provide free program and virus updates. AVG updates itself automatically whenever updates are available. Alternatively, you can update manually or configure AVG to download updates at a scheduled time that suits you.

Feature Set:

The Virus Vault is what most anti-virus programs call a "Quarantine" area. When the resident scanners find a virus, you can store the file in the Virus Vault until you have time to heal the file and then restore it to its original location.

AVG Anti-Virus also allows you to create an MS-DOS Rescue Disk from the Control Center.

Scheduling options include alternatives to run tasks even if the schedule is missed. The software can perform tasks even when there is no user logged onto the computer.

Ease of Installation:

This product is very easy to install-no problems.


AVG Anti-Virus has great support with their online support page, Knowledge Base Search, and FAQs page. Our email inquires were answered within 24 hours. You must register to receive the support and they don't offer support via telephone.

Certifications and awards for AVG Antivirus

AVG Anti-Virus has won numerous awards. Certifications that the software holds include the Virus Bulletin VB100% Award - which is awarded to products which manage to detect 100% of the viruses "In the Wild", without false alarming. It is also 100% Detection Rate certified by independent ICSA Labs, West Coast Labs Checkmark Level 1 certification and TÜV Monitored Virus Protection certification.

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AVG Antivirus:

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